In our studio, “good enough” is where the conversation starts, and “best in class” is where it takes you.

We’ll uphold your vision, elevate your design, and accent your excellence. We can hardly wait.

This is what a shared vision looks like.

It all started with the shared vision of a couple of designers who met in college, and then decided to get hitched. You know what they say: First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes the launch of a rapidly growing visualization studio committed to absolutely primo creative and tech. It’s a timeless story.

But it comes down to this: We believed—and are proving every day—that our combined powers to make beautiful things transcend the sum of their parts. And since that worked out so well, we keep expanding our team to incorporate new ideas, perspectives, and capabilities that demonstrate how closely we pay attention to your needs. We may be in the visualization business, but it all starts with knowing how to listen.

Our team is our family (sometimes quite literally), and our clients are our partners.

Come share the vision.

Our Team

Proudly Born in Harlem


Alex Lyon

Founder | Lead Visualizer
aka the Unicorn

Alex is our founding visualizer and secret weapon for bringing concepts and visuals to life. Originally trained as an illustrator, Alex has worked in multiple roles across the design industry and experienced the creative process from all angles. He is expertly trained, auspiciously talented, and inherently patient—all good things for your project. Dubbed everything from unicorn to wizard, Alex can visualize the needs and necessities of any design that comes across his screen. He displays a preternatural attention to detail, and loves his job. 

Cassandra Lyon

Partner| Managing Director

Cassandra is our business guru, working with clients to help them connect the pixels and see the possibilities within their designs. Having held senior and management positions at both startups and major corporations, Cassandra is not fazed by much. She’s known for her talent in multitasking, staying organized, and always asking (the right) questions. Cassandra’s background in art gives her a broad understanding of the work involved, and the ability to effectively interpret clients’ needs and communicate design concepts. 


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