New Offerings Breakdown

From concept to production we have your back! These new offerings are no exception either! We want to make sure that you and your team get to make that new concept a reality!



Concept photography – Unable to find that perfect stock image for your comps?  We can take care of that for you! 

On-pack photography – Our team can help you with all your on-pack photography needs. Let us focus on the nitty gritty of the shoot, and can clean up the images after!

3D and Photography – You can have your cake and eat it too! Merge the exactness of 3D modeling/rendering with the beauty of photography.


CAD: Production Files


Let us help you get that new packaging concept production ready! You will be able to hand over production ready manufacturing files for you and your client to use.   


Creative Direction: Ideation of visuals

Let us help you design the best-looking press, web, award submissions, etc. that will truly showcase great concepts and designs. We’ll help you stand out among the rest while bringing your designs to life.


If you want to chat more about our offerings and how we can expand our partnership – let us know! We can drop by and bring some coffee, cupcakes or beer! Just call or email Cassandra.