Drag & Drop. There's nothing like it.

What happens when you need a detailed 3D render to show your client, but also need to show them various design concepts across the same package? It is easy to get caught up in worrying about the consistency of highlights, shadows and material continuity throughout the renders - and on top of it making sure that your designs look stellar as well. 

No need to sweat it though. We've got it all figured out for you! Many of our clients utilize our 'Drag & Drop' PSD file structure as an option when they working through concepts on pitches, design phases and more.

This offers them the ability to have a unique and specific rendered 3D model while being able to swap out graphics, labels and colors easily. Our files are structured to not only accept new graphics, but also warps and adjusts them to ensure a realistic application on the structure.

One example is the Tyrconnell bottle, showcased above. Our client needed a rendered bottle, but also needed the ability to showcase and swap out various graphics. 

Highlights, manufacturing details, and materials all stay the same while you are able to just drag and drop your updated file onto their appropriate layer. You're good to go! 

Not only does this offering save designers time, but clients are ecstatic over the realistic nature that the concepts have taken.