Inside the studio: Our Founders

We've been around a while and wanted to share more about our little studio and the people who make it awesome!

Everyone has a unique path and rarely expects to end up where they do. Nothing could be more true of our leadership team; Alex and Cassandra! Here are some fun and random facts.

  • This is commonly known, but our founders are married. They met Freshman year of college.

  • Alex is a hobbyist at heart - be it woodworking, designing/building or collecting watches.

  • You can’t major in visualization, but Alex did major in Illustration with an emphasis on commercial art and graphic design. His education has been a leading factor in how he approaches creating hyper-realistic visuals from a designers perspective.

  • Cassandra is known for her inability to quote any movie or sound effects accurately (EX: Lasers = *Pew*Pew*).

  • While working at some really great advertising and packaging agencies in NYC, Alex discovered his knack for visualization and the need for it across the industry. Before learning 3D software, he was painting all of his visuals individually in Photoshop!

  • Though she can't quote anything, Cassandra is a walking IMBD/iTunes when it comes to casting and bands.

  • Cassandra actually majored in product design. After college, she worked in social media marketing and project management for several years.

  • Alex once painted a portrait of President Martin Van Buren so realistic, he scared his dog, Gus.