Out with the old: Stoneyfield

Companies are always looking for new ways to approach their product - to better it, to sell it, etc. It’s the one thing all of us can rely on. (It’s why we all have jobs.)

Knowing that doesn’t make it easier to go to the store and see someone else’s work on a line of packages where yours once were. Been there? Yeah, we know the feeling.

This week, we are checking out the new work on Stoneyfield. (It used to be our client’s design and our visuals on-pack).

The visuals (above and below) on the right are press visuals created by our team. Those were 3D modeled and rendered for web and award uses.

The on-pack visuals were created by our team as well. This included retouch and compositing of the fruit and other environmental elements. The designs and photography were provided by our client.

The cliche is that nothing lasts for ever, but it was definitely really cool while it lasted. :)