A burst of energy for the week

We have been so antsy to get these shots out into the world! We loved working on them! Head over to the project page to see more!

All of these visuals were 3D modeled and 3D rendered by our team for our clients case study and press needs. We created visuals for the full range of new package designs as well as the originals for comparison.

New Packaging [3D modeled and Rendered by LV

New Packaging [3D modeled and Rendered by LV

Original Packaging [3D modeled and Rendered by LV

Original Packaging [3D modeled and Rendered by LV

Original Packaging [3D modeled and Rendered by LV

Original Packaging [3D modeled and Rendered by LV

All graphics and designs were provided by our client.

New Project: The Turmeric Co.

Recently we got to work with a fun young company out of the UK, The Turmeric Co.  We were tasked with generating 3D images of their product for their web and trade show needs. The new site is now live and we are so excited to share the visuals our team worked on. 

The visuals were created with custom materials and lighting allowing for this unique product to be showcased. 

Check out our work on the site below! 


Showcasing Various Printing Effects Through 3D Modeling


Attention to detail when developing and applying materials and lighting is key to creating any realistic 3D visual. When dealing with materials and lighting, without enough detail and focus the visuals can look a bit ‘off’. But, too much focus can sometime result in the visuals looking overly produced and artificial.

So, when a client came to us a while back with a new design for Penfolds’ Holiday Packaging that had a hyper detailed range of printing effects across their structures - we had to pay close attention to every facet to ensure realism.


With the provided dielines and designs, our team 3D modeled each of the elements along with developing unique materials and lighting elements that would best showcase the design and printing effects.


Most the packaging was developed to have a heavy paper texture. Across the range there were multiple uses of heavy embossing, high gloss varnishes and foil stamping and more. On one structure the result needed to look like a faux leather with a gloss topographic pattern (running across the full range) printed into it.

The lighting needed to showcase the nuanced detailing of the structures. The lighting was specially designed by our team for these visuals to showcase and accent the various printing effects as much as the overall designs themselves.

The products and additional elements across the designs needed to be focused on as well. As seen below; wine bottles, on-pack pockets, tags and stationary elements were also developed through 3D software. The materials and lighting applied to the models needed to allow the materials to stand out on their own while still fitting into the rest of the family across the set of visuals being developed.


Our teams’ attention to and focus on the range of printing effects and the proper lighting through 3D modeling and rendering process, we could provide our client with hyper-realistic visuals. With these visuals, our client was able to showcase their designs on the web and in the press as the product was hitting the shelves.

To check out more from this project, check out the gallery showcase here. Remember, all designs and dielines were provided by our client.

Partnering with LV

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with leAD Sports Accelerator and their team of amazing entrepreneurs. leAD is a sports startup accelerator, based in Berlin. They work globally across the sports industry to bring together some of the most sought-after experts to fund sports startups.

If you haven't heard of them - go check them out! We are super excited to get the chance to work with some amazing startups and companies from around the world!