How did we miss this?

"Have we been living under a rock?"

We had that moment this morning and when we realized that there was a recent Dieline article with TWO sets of our visuals on a top 25 list - and we missed it!

#20 Ben & Jerry's: The team worked on each SKU for this range of ice cream packaging. With provided photography we were able to retouch, composite, (digitally paint at times) and stack the ingredients for each SKU.

#21 Blue Bunny: The team was able to provide our client not only with on-pack retouch and composite for various SKUS across the range. We were also able to provide on-pack illustrations across the entire line as well.

If you look closely, there are some familiar looking bars on a new range of packaging. *Cough* *Cough*


All designs were provided by our clients. It was a blast to work with them on these projects. Congrats on the shoutout! 

LV Year in Review


Last week we received our Lyon Visuals 2015-2016 year in review! It is really so nice getting have the work the studio did over this first 18 months of LV.

The book showcases the amazing agencies and individual designers we have been able to work with, what projects we worked on and how many offices we have had in the mean time! :) 

[Some of the work printed cannot be shared of of yet, but maybe one day!] 

We had the book printed by Artifact Uprising and are so SO happy with the 'lay flat' spine that we opted in for. It really lets the book and all of the work showcased in side really sing!

We are already excited to put together the book for 2017! 

#TBT / Sneak Peek

Here is a little sneak peek along with a little #TBT for this week! We had the pleasure of working on Blue Bunny a while ago and wanted to share a bit of it.

The project was a blend of team LV providing image retouch along with illustration, based on the designs. All photography and designs were provided to LV by our client. 

Stay tuned as we are working to add this project to our site!