When vodka aficionado Channing Tatum went on a quest to find the finest distillery in America, it led to the launch of Born & Bred, the new vodka that’s just as comfortable in a tuxedo as cowboy boots.

With 3D modeling and rendering, Lyon Visuals proved that beautifully rendered designs lead to well-informed decisions, and that the devil’s not in the details when you can bring them to life.


When a new brand launches, there are a lot of jitters  involved. A lot of ideas. A lot of creative vision.

And a lot of possibilities.

Having beautiful designs to choose from is a high-end problem, but when you must closely evaluate all those creative directions—and attach numbers to them...

possibilities can get pricey.

Expert 3D modeling and rendering can help you determine major design and packaging decisions— without physical prototypes made of costly materials.

Sampling of closure renderings


It doesn’t matter if your designs were born to two-step or to tango … or a bit of both ...

what matters is that they dance off the page.

In modeling and rendering Born & Bred’s bottle closure directions, we had to convey complete realism while bringing out the detailed originality of the designs.

It’s one thing to showcase several different design options.

It’s another to highlight their personalities.

This involves spot-on intuition and dedication to what a brand stands for—an understanding that’s just as critical to visualization as to design.

Each detail—no matter how small—works together to bring life to your design, your package, your environment, your brand.

It’s seeing the forest and the trees all at once.

We grasp the big picture, which means we’re expertly equipped to adapt the details that create it.

So if your brand is born to wreak “a little havoc” (Channing’s words), we’ll bring out the devil in your details … or at least the mischief.

Cross our hearts.

Ready to start a little trouble with your own designs?
Shoot us a line. We’ll chat over martinis and a Channing marathon.


Born & Bred is an American crafted vodka. The images above were 3D modeled and rendered for our clients needs - press, website and presentations.  The designs were provided by our client.