Drag & Drop

Our ‘Drag & Drop’ feature provides teams with two key elements — EASE & consistency.

Drag & Drop is an an advanced layered PSD which the heavy lifting for you. This unique offering allows for designers to take one of Lyon Visual’s 3D modeled/rendered structures and easily add or swap out graphics as needed. Y

You can do all of this while not hindering the quality of the rendering. The graphic fit within the dieline as well as the lighting and materials effects of the render stay consistent.

Swap out your designs in just a few moments all while your visuals CONSISTENCY


3D modeling + RENDERING

We integrate illustration, photography, and design in 3D models—and then render the models into lifelike final visuals with optimal lighting, texturing, and environment-building.


retouch + COMPOSITE

Through skilled retouching and compositing, we enhance the fine details of your visuals, showcasing the best features of your design while creating overall sophistication.



We offer original photo shoots tailored to the end result—whether for a focus group, press release, on-pack image, or the web.



We deliver fully packaged, production-ready AutoCAD (computer-aided design) files that you can take straight to manufacturers.

Creative Direction

With personalized attention, we will guide the concepting of your project, working with you to find and create the best photography, 3D, and overall visual options for your designs.

Our studio has had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s leading agencies and brands. We ensure complete confidentiality and non-disclosure, but cannot enter into exclusive agreements.