Big things happening!

We have been teasing you for a while now around what we have been working on behind the scenes in our studio and we can now share with everyone!

Over the last few years, we have had the opportunity to work with the world’s leading agencies and brands. We won’t lie – it has been a BLASTInternally, we have been working to provide more offerings to help studios with all their visual needs.

Here is a snippet of what we have been up to:

  • NEW Website!
    • HUGE thanks to our amazing designer at Imaginary Beast (Check them out!) and our copywriter for helping us make this happen!
  • NEW Offerings!
    • Photography - Our studio is now equipped to handle all your photography needs. From concept, pitches, press shots, and on-pack needs. We’ll take care of you!
    • CAD Files - We’ll deliver fully packaged, production-ready CAD files that you can take straight to manufacturers!
    • Creative Direction – We are able to help you plan out your visuals. Tell us what you need and we can concept out visuals and or layouts for any 3D or photography work you need. 
  • NEW Team Members!
    • With new offerings, means our team is growing. We are excited to expand our team with photographers, CAD/3D experts, as well as more retouch artists.

We will continue to focus on and explore what crazy things we can do with through 3D modeling/rendering and retouching services. None of that is changing. 


If you want to chat more about our offerings and how we can expand our partnership – let us know! We can drop by and bring some coffee, beer, or even ice cream. Just call or email Cassandra!